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Cova Realty Staff

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Rich Sprague

Marketing Services Manager


Rich has been providing marketing services to us for a number of years. He is responsible for designing and managing our website, creating the Cova Realty brand and developing digital marketing programs. We appreciate the experience he brings to the table, his forward thinking and his vision.

Rich's perspective. I have dealt with more than my share of property management companies over the years, and most of the staff has been unfriendly, and often unprofessional and difficult to work with. A good property manager knows how to toe the fine line between an owner and tenant, and keep both parties happy. Cova Realty stands head and shoulders over the rest of the crowd.

While I am not a full-time staff member, everyone treats me like a member of the family and the team. My primary goal is to spread the good word so that we are recognized as the number one property manager in the area.

What I really appreciate about Cova Realty, is everyone's commitment to providing exceptional service across the board. When all is said and done, each person at the company is a team player and, when the day is done, they enjoy each other away from the office.

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