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About Us

With 5 agents, 6 property managers, and a team of qualified support staff, Cova Realty and its management and staff have served clients in Ventura County for over 6 decades. View our staff here.


Cova Realty is unique in that we can offer owners and renters alike a complete package which integrates sales, rentals and property management. We help owners buy and sell property, then vet prospective renters and manage the property. All parties we serve are considered our clients. Each person can have peace of mind that their interests are in good hands. We strongly believe that both owners and tenants need to be happy.


Our goal is for owners to have the freedom to not have to worry about their property. Based on market conditions, we evaluate the rent amount that will ensure a competitive position in the marketplace and maximize cash flow. If you are a property owner who has previously utilized the services of a property management company, then you already know the value of the benefits which professional property managers offer. No matter why you are considering our company, you will find the people and services of Cova Realty unique and exemplary.


If this is your first experience owning a property you wish to rent, or have self-managed properties previously, we can help you make the transition to utilize our services. As a newbie to letting somewhere else manage your property, you may have trepidations as you are embarking into a new territory. Our people will provide you a comfort level that your property will be well taken care of.


On the other hand, if you have self-managed your properties, it may take a while for you to be comfortable with having others in control. Again, we have been in the property management business for decades. We have earned a sterling reputation from owners and renters alike. Our team is highly skilled to esnure a successful relationship between owners and renters with Cova Realty as the intermediary.


Once we have a contract with an owner, we hope to be working with that person until they no longer wish to own or rent their properties. We often help an owner sell properties they no longer want.


For renters, or tenants, the average stay in a unit is 2-3 years. There are a number of reasons why they wish to move on:

  • Downsize

  • Upsize

  • Relocate

  • Purchase a property

We always try to assist tenants to find a new place to live (unless they are leaving the area). When a tenant gives notice, we post the property availability on our website as soon as possible, so that the owner’s loss of ongoing revenue is mitigated. We also move quickly to prepare the unit for rent. It is important for the owner to factor in a cash flow cushion while the unit is vacant and until a new tenant is in place.


With the high demand for rentals in Ventura County, our experience is that most properties rent fairly quickly. The average downtime is generally limited to a couple of months.

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