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Cova Realty Staff

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Kimberly Vazquez

Property Manager Assistant

My family has been active in Ventura County real estate for more than 40 years. My father Jose Vazquez, who is a realtor with Cova Realty, is a seasoned agent. And, my sister, Kadhine Vazquez, has served in many roles in real estate for over 20 years. She is currently a Senior Property Manager with us.


It’s no wonder I am a Property Manager Assistant with Cova since I have real estate in my blood.


During my career, I’ve explored many diverse real estate roles from home loans to vacation rentals to property management. I’ve invested over 15 years refining my skills across the spectrum of real estate. During that time, I discovered a passion for property management, as I generally enjoy the connections I have made with owners, tenants and vendors. Even amidst the round-the-clock demands, I am able to carve out precious moments for personal time.


Although Oxnard was my hometown, and Camarillo is my home now, my heart remains in Oxnard. I find fulfillment in volunteering for the Downtown Oxnard Improvement Association that advocates for a vibrant downtown Oxnard.


I like spending time with my family, friends, cooking, and tending to my garden and houseplants. Oh, and let’s not forget, I’m a proud lady of five cats and a dog.

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