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Cova Realty Staff

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Gerado "Jerry" Reyes

Property Manager Assistant

Hi, my name is Jerry, I'm a Maintenance Coordinator and Property Manager's Assistant at Cova Realty.  I'm passionate about providing exceptional service to the community and all of our clients. 

For nearly 6 years, I've worn two hats in the property management industry – helping folks find their dream homes and ensuring those homes are well-maintained. As the youngest member of the team, I bring a fresh perspective and a "can-do" attitude to every challenge. Whether it's supporting tenants, assisting owners, or coordinating maintenance, I will always strive to make your experience top-notch.

I've lived in Oxnard my whole life, and I'm no stranger to the area, the surrounding cities, and the beautiful nature that is all around us. When I'm not coordinating or assisting, you might find me cruising the coast on my motorcycle. I also enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and diving deep into a variety of podcasts. 

My never-ending curiosity keeps me learning and growing, both professionally and personally.  

Let's connect and make Ventura County even more awesome, one happy resident (and well-maintained property) at a time.

805.819.3919 direct

805.394.9993 cell


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